Our Approach

What I'm about

Helping individuals and organizations find, nurture and test ideas in order to restore innovation as a key component of your culture.

I realize the fast pace of technological change can overwhelm business people and a key element of innovation is sort wheat from chaff. I would love to act as your trusted adviser as you seek to improve your organization's use of technology.

Our Story

The Story

Innovation doesn't happen by accident, in most cases. Sure, people come up with ideas everywhere; the shower, in traffic, waiting in line. But ideas ARE not innovation. Innovation is the application of ideas to solve problems, thereby creating value.

I want to help organizations (even an organization of 1) to establish, or refine, a culture where new ideas are nurtured, tested, and the best ones, grown into innovative processes, services and products.

Using Lean and Agile tools to apply principles including experimentation and empirical development I can help you move from being disrupted to being a disruptor.

Meet the Team

Bob Dobson

Bob Dobson


A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Bob served as Cavalry officer in the close years of the Cold War and Desert Storm. Having developed a passion for automation as a way to stay ahead of the information wave in his military duties he has shared this passion with organizations and teams in public and private sectors in a variety of industries.

Next Steps...

Email me if you'd like to talk technology from a business point of view!